Impressions 2016

Attraverso la finestra Vernissage

Limonaia di Villa Saroli, Viale S. Franscini 9, Lugano

Located in the historical Limonaia at Villa Saroli in the heart of Lugano this exhibition presents, through the building’s large glazed windows, objects in ceramics and glass. The works on display have been produced by 10 designers from all three of the linguistic regions of Switzerland.

Maurizio Ferrari
Kiko Gianocca
Matteo Gonet
Felix Hug
Oliver Kamm & Kahina Fekhar
Tomas Kral
Singal Moesch e Dépery Sophie
Cornelia Trösch

Nel regno dei viventi

Spazio 1929, via Ciseri 3, Lugano

Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

Fardâ: adv. Trans. from Persian «Tomorrow»s

Fondazione d'Arte Erich Lindenberg
Museo Villa Pia, Via Cantonale 24, Porza

This exhibition through a multi-disciplinary photographic approach to landscape, juxtaposes two concepts: anthropocene and immortality. Ambrosetti investigates the human impact on earth, and in parallel relates it to a combination of sculpture and abstract natural etchings through which he constructs a hypothetical human trace that has existed for thousands of years and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Museo Villa Pia, Via Cantonale 24, Porza
Friday 08 April 2016, 18.00

The Erich Lindenberg Art Foundation’s Villa Pia museum, in addition to being a showcase for studies on the Lindenberg archive, is also a meeting place for cultural exchange. Since 2012 the foundation has exhibited contemporary local and international artists. In June 2014 the inauguration of installation space LA SALETTA was held with an exhibition by photographer Filippo Brancoli Pantera. LA SALETTA has since held a series of exhibitions dedicated to emerging artists. Through this initiative, the foundation aims to provide young artists the opportunity to exhibit and promote their work within a nationally and internationally renowned institution.

Artificio, in its role as a cultural platform, also embraces and promotes independent design initiatives in the region.

Choisi - one at a time

via F. Pelli 13, 6901 Lugano

Plages - Revue d'Art Contemporain

The bookshop and non-profit space Choisi-One at a time is exhibiting the 110th and 111th artistic journal Plages titled “Robes d’artistes” (2005-2006) from the collection of the Artphilein Foundation. Each of the 600 copies of the journal vary and are comprised of 25 ‘pieces of clothing’ which are all original artworks of the artists involved.

Plages was founded in 1978 by artist Roberto Guiterrez (1939-2011). The graphic design of the journal changes depending on the theme and artistic project presented. The journal has experienced an ever-increasing print run (from 500-1000 copies) which is a real challenge for the initiative and for the participating artists who, for many of the editions, create different and original works.

Demosmobilia Temporary Design Gallery

via Cattedrale 11, 6900 Lugano

Seduzioni domestiche
Nobuyoshi Araki Polaroid | Danish design

Open Thursday / Friday / Saturday from 12pm or by appointment

Circolo Turba

via Cattedrale 11, 6900 Lugano

Massimiliano Moro. Somme

Two complimentary coloured lights project the shadow of a small everyday.
The outline of the object multiplies and the overlapping shadows create a form that generates a new equilibrium between the original volume and the projection. A structure is formed as the shadow becomes the focus and the object that defines it seems to be the consequence of the former. The intense colour of the projection confuses our perception of a shadow as an absence, as it fills the space with light which thereby becomes a void, making the shadow seem like a presence. The projections are integrated into the environment and fill the spaces with new tiny and intimate worlds, opening intangible but real spaces of reflection.

Massimiliano Moro (1986) was born in Italy and raised in Lugano. He studied sculpture in Barcelona and graduated in Art and Design before returning to Switzerland and obtaining an IED Masters in architectural illumination at the Institute of European Design. In his artistic practice, Moro seeks to create new equilibriums between what seeing and reality, through the interaction of simple elements: light, shadow and movement.

Boutique Clarissa

via Magatti 1, 6900 Lugano

Local design lab
In collaboration with Artificio

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